welcome to my world!

I am mostly happy. Sometimes I get caught up in what is often referred to as "everyday life". Which makes me think that "everyday life" is somehow supposed to be dull and something else than happy.

Previously- like, years ago, I got so caught up in acting "everyday life" that I died. I laid in a coma in hospital for exactly 5 weeks. I was pronounced dead twice.

Strangely enough, that experience was what made me realize that "everyday life" was all about being someone else; acting as if I was this successful guy that had something to "show for". Some achievement accomplished to make someone else "happy with me". Satisfy someone other than yourself, seemed to always be part of the manuscript. Deliver.

Now, everyday life is about me. I live me, so that life is what you see when you see me. I am no longer any good at pretending that I am "everyday life". 

I have started writing books. This far there are 3 of them. Since they are about me (in a bigger and a smaller version), I simply called them Jon´s Book 1, 2 and 3. Guess what the 4th will be called?

I hope to inspire humanity into showing itself as it is. To stop doing "everyday life" just because we are so used to it. I think that if we start loving ourselves enough to stop acting something else, humanity will someday be a reality.

When we stop hiding in fear, we will reappear as US. Who we are can only be seen when we are who we are.

I hope you will enjoy your stay.



Images by Anne Storrøsten

Images by Anita Søderlind Andersen

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There will never be peace on earth so long as someone has to be right
— Jon´s Book 3

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11. desember kl. 1900

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